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★☆ LOG [darkrai]

[ it had been awhile

what was it that had forced them apart? he couldn't even remember, now. he sits, staring absent-mindedly up at the sky above him, all dark and lit by the moon. the new moon.

...was that why he was thinking of him right now? no. that wasn't it. he thought of him every night. after the kids were asleep nearby in another room, after everything grew quiet...

why did things have to be so difficult like this?

Cresselia sighs, standing up on the wooden porch, hands resting in his large sleeves. ]

...come back soon, idiot...
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's okay.
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I won't. Promise.
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[ will you ever stop being so tsun cressy

but fine, he'll scoop you up and make his way inside. ]
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Don't worry, I will be.

[ he even nudges his boots off to the side of the door so his footsteps are quieter! ]
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[ T S U N

Rai chuckles and shuffles down the hall to their bedroom. ]
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[ and he flops down on it, careful not to let Cresselia bang his head or anything because he'd never hear the end of it if he did. ]

I don't want to be anywhere else but with you.