foeveil: (▸▹chloroform the one you love)
Cresselia [♂] ([personal profile] foeveil) wrote2010-10-21 12:00 am
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NAME; Cresselia
SPECIES; Lunar pokemon
GENDER; Female, takes a male human form.
ORIGIN; Fullmoon Island
ABILITY; Levitate
NATURE; Yandere Tsundere Lonely
AGE; ???, human form looks around 20.


>> Strictly takes a young, male form. If you ask him he'll say it's to punch Darkrai in the teeth. (unfortunately for him his attack stat is pretty low)

MOVESET; Confusion, Double Team, Safeguard, Mist, Aurora Beam, Future Sight, Slash, Moonlight, Psycho Cut, Psycho Shift, Lunar Dance, Psychic

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