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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] lullyay ]

[ On some unknown date to be later determined in greater detail; Cresselia sits at home. Not, of course, on Fullmoon Island, but his shared home with Darkrai on Awesome Island. He sits about, obviously flustered at something (as usual) as he looks around the room. Today was an important day, a special day.

...he wondered if Darkrai remembered.]

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[ If Cresselia had asked if Darkrai remembered, 'rai would point out it was an important day for him too (and maybe added a mental comment about the day he finally got a new trolling/yan-love target).

As usual, he doesn't bother with the door and just struts out of a shadow with a box tucked under his arm. ]

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[As usual, poor Cressy doesn't even notice until he sees you out of the corner of his eye. He jumps up, but tries to hide it, cheeks flushed brightly due to being his usual flustered self.]

T-Tch. Learn to use a door! [box...] ...what's that?

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[ And that's half the reason he doesn't use the door! ]

Too much effort. [ hee ] What does it look like?

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...a box. [darkrai are you dumb it is a box jeez]

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A box with...? [ A big bow YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ]

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...[don't get excited don't let him see you're excited]

I-It's a present box! [okay we said this a little excitedly but maybe he wont pick that up from the tsun]

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[ he can tell you're excited anyway ]

For you. [ have the box being gently tossed at you can't break the glass cannon ]

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! [C-Catching! Oh god what's in in what's in it...opening...]

FUCK YOU HTML /sobs forever

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[ It's a very pretty <a href=">necklace</a>, all sparkly and glittery <s>the diamonds are supposed to be pink!</s> ]</small>

it's ok bb

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Oh my god it's amazing. And pink. He's stunned. It takes a few moments before he mumbles a stunned 'happy birthday'.]

why does it hate me that much i don't even

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You like it, I assume?

html hates us all

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...I love it [we didn't get him anything, quick. quick. think, cressy.]

...c-come here!

don't i know it

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[ for shame, cressy! ]


[ Coming over anyway. ]

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[ what ]

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[ cresselia's hugging him he doesn't hug him ]


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[ fuck it rai don't act like an idiot be cool and half return it gdi ]

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[ohhh my mama he's hugging us back, keep it together cressy don't squeeze too hard like you want to just give him a hug and leave it at that

......maybe we'll hug him a bit longer.]

speaking of mama pixiv fails at good gijinka arceus

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[ this is just awkward on his side he wasn't expecting hugs and he doesn't hug and he doesn't quite feel comfortable with it but he's hugging anyway because he secretly sorta likes it-- ]

pixiv no ;_ ; if you find someone you like i can recolour. i recoloured shizuo for groudon's icons

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[...this feels really nice. Doki doki doki...

...p-pushing him away. But at least it's gentler than usual.]

H...Help me put it on.

this is the first time it's failed me and i'll keep that in mind, thank youuuu

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[ Okay, now we're in comfortable territory!

Taking the necklace and fiddling with the clasp now. ]

Turn around.

:> ♥

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[He turns then, resting a hand on his own shoulder nervously.]

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[ And the necklace get put rather uneventfully, albeit with lingering hands. ]

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[ very lingering hands and start to idly toy with cressy's hair. ]

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