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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] stone_undertone ] { bad egg!! }

[ It was...hard. Despite just meeting this Giratina, he trusted her. She has a motherly feeling that he could tell meant she wouldn't steal his egg and run.

...that didn't really deter him from following after her once she did take it though.

The feeling of wanting to watch his egg hatch was just too great. No matter what came out of that egg, he'd take care of it. ]

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...I followed you... [He says this slowly, enunciating every word with a sense of dread.]

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[deadpan stare >B|

>B| take the egg]

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[U-Uguu our egg...we'll hold it close to our chest *_*]

...s-so how do we get it to hatch?

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The same way you would outside. And the closer it is to its home, the faster it will mature.

[She tosses her head towards the tunnel on the other end of the room.]

Deeper into the dungeon.

[there is still some B| going on here]

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R-Right! [DEEPER WE'LL GO] ... ...t-thanks.

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[ B|

(sweetheart ilu but this you is a moron)]

Watch your step.

[let's adventuring]

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[He's just too naive - being stuck on an island all your life with nothing but Darkrai being a danger to you...yeah.]

I'm fine! [Our robes are tore up but we are READY TO HATCH OUR BABY. Walka' walka. Time feels weird here, he wonders exactly how long this will take...Minz took a few days to hatch when he held her. Would they be in here for days?]

sorry about the delay

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[Time's funny in here - who knows? In the event that this grand adventure does drag on, there are apples lying around...for whatever reason.

Giratina is purposefully heading down through the ever-shifting "floors", moving towards a more stable rest point, however aimless her wandering may seem.]

pish posh

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[Cressy will scuttle after you, cooing over his egg and taking in the sights.] make this place?

Re: pish posh

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[Affirmative noise. Smug/proud affirmative noise.]

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...s'pretty cool, I guess.

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Only "cool"? It is wondrous.

...but then, I suppose I am biased.

[proud mama is proud]

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It kinda' gives me a headache... [He rubs his head.]

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Hmm. For creatures of the world, it can be that way. Its own inhabitants are perfectly at home, in the meantime.

[speaking of dem hellspawn beasties, just gonna casually squish that one that was creeping towards your ankles]

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[SQUEAK recoiling a bit and balancing on one leg. Ewww creepy-crawlies.]

holy moly you work fast

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[oh look, it's a glitchypuddle now]

...They can be quite bold, sometimes.

>get tags from holo >SCREAM

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... ...w-will my egg do that?

...ow, my integrity

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Mm...I cannot say. These creatures are born of the dungeon, and belong to it - and they hunger to chase out the life that intrudes upon their sanctum.

The egg is an egg. It is not quite the same, you see. And it is not something I have much experience with.


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So I can teach it?

oh okay :3

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It may be possible.


/loves on forever

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... [Worrying mama]

Re: /loves on forever

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[s-sigh. cressy why such a derp

Is that a staircase-like rock formation up ahead?]

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[Oh, that it is, let's stare at it then. We wonder where that leads...]

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Aah. There it is.

[Giratina grins, lumbers towards it, and -

- vanishes. Follow?]

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[W-What how did that...

...well okay. following behind, nervously...]

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isn't he hideous

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