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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] stone_undertone ] { bad egg!! }

[ It was...hard. Despite just meeting this Giratina, he trusted her. She has a motherly feeling that he could tell meant she wouldn't steal his egg and run.

...that didn't really deter him from following after her once she did take it though.

The feeling of wanting to watch his egg hatch was just too great. No matter what came out of that egg, he'd take care of it. ]

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[...he gulps, but hastily scurries to close the distance between himself and the door, resting a hand on the rock before gulping and going into the shadows as well.]

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[Welcome to "Reverse Tunnel", please enjoy your stay. (]

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[manaphy when did you get here Cresselia looks around in wide-eyed wonder. almost forgetting for a moment he's supposed to be being sneaky and following after Giratina.

...what was this place? It felt...familiar. But...]

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[It should feel like Distortion World Lite, if Giratina got the specs right. She's pretty certain she did.

...wait shit where did Giratina go

are you sure this was one of your better ideas cresselia]

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[W-W-Wait. WE CAN STILL DO THIS, WE CAN CATCH UP!! When in doubt, go...right. That's the hand we write with. Down this corridor, being careful to be quiet...]

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[Is that a Rampardos over there in that corner? Yup, that's a Rampardos. What's a Rampardos doing here?]

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[I...Idk let's go see...]


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[The tunnel widens into a room, and suddenly (]

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[...what is this music. I even want to go in]

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[Of course you do. There are tasty-looking items scattered all over the place!

...also, that Rampardos is still behind you.]

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[oh god dammit IN THE ROOM IN IN if we put up a safeguard wall a couple of times can he stay the hell away]

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[He can!

The Pokemon-but-NOT that are exploding out of the walls and ceiling, however, cannot.]

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[The "Pokemon" take the shape of familiar species - Lairon, Onix, Sableye, Golbat, and all other manner of cave-dwellers - but their appearance isn't quite right, and the ground twists and flickers where their feet touch it.

And the full attention of their glassy, unblinking stares is on you.]

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...d-don't come any closer.

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[...that Aerodactyl over there used Agility.

All of those Pokemon sure look a lot faster now...]

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[oh god oh god okay. okay we can do this. we can fight!!

...we've never fought anyone but darkrai but...!! PSYHIC ON THE RINGLEADER.]

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[And then they all lunged.

(And there's something coming down that corridor, too. Rampardos again-?!)]

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[Oh god dammit NOT NOW DINO NOT NOW SOB. Aurora Beam, P-Psycho Cut - oh my god you ripped my robes I love these.]

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[And then the Safeguard shatters-!

-and then all the Pokemon just explode into flickering, staticky shadows that melt back into the walls.

And there is something large standing behind you.]

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[Having fallen onto his butt in shock, he tilts his head back to look into the ugly blue face of that stupid--]

... G-Giratina... [aww funk]

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(also your egg is lookin' fine)]

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[Kyah babby you seem so at home here...but don't worry mommy will be sure to wrench you violently out of this horrible place once you hatch.

...but for now, let's just squiggleface at our guide here.


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pish posh

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isn't he hideous

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