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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] lullyay ]

[ On some unknown date to be later determined in greater detail; Cresselia sits at home. Not, of course, on Fullmoon Island, but his shared home with Darkrai on Awesome Island. He sits about, obviously flustered at something (as usual) as he looks around the room. Today was an important day, a special day.

...he wondered if Darkrai remembered.]

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[you better know what you're doing, Darkrai, because this is the extent of our knowledge.]

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[ i do do not worry

but i am worried about what you will do once you start wonder how i learned ]

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[that comes tomorrow after breakfast, and it is ultimately what will ruin the whole damn mood probably.]

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[ well you don't put out so there. ]

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[o-oh god what do i do, NERVOUS]

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[ just this once rai will do all the work. if that's what you prefer. ]

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[we want to do this with you of course but we' no clue where to start.]

Sh-...should I...change to a girl?

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[ Darkrai sighs softly, pulling his gloves off before carefully placing a hand against Cresselia's cheek. ]

Only if it's what you want.

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[He'll shiver, looking up at him.]

W-What do you want?

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I want you. [ It doesn't matter what form or gender it just matters that he has Cresselia. ]

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... ...I want you too. [You are saying all the Right Things today, Darkrai - he'll lean up to kiss you, cheeks flushed brightly.]

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[ He's certainly trying to-- He kisses back, cautious and careful. Don't push it too fast, don't push it Rai. ]

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[It seems Cressy wants to take it fast though - he seems eager, needy. He's inexperienced and it shows, but his kisses are urgent.]

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[ They can take it fast, but he still wants to be careful. If he pushes too hard it could ruin everything and he didn't want to ruin this. ]

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[His hands slide up and into Darkrai's hair, and he slowly lays back with him, not sure what else to do now aside from continuing the kiss. He licks some saliva from his bottom lip, the organ sliding against Darkrai's lips in the process.]

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[ Darkrai plants his hands on either side of Cresselia's head and he just slightly misreads the slip of tongue, sliding his own out to press to Cresselia's. ]

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N-Nhh... [He shudders, it's a little weird, but it felt nice... so he'll respond to the new kiss with a rub of his own tongue.]

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[ He's encouraged by that noise, by the reciprocation, and so he keeps it up, slipping more tongue into the kiss. ]

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[Their tongues moving against one another is mind-numbing, and he finds his body reacting in curious new ways. He squirms, panting into the kiss and raising his hips against Darkrai's own.]

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[ Darkrai groans, hurriedly moving so he's supported by an arm, so he can slip his free one underneath Cresselia and lift him closer. ]

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H-Haah... [He likes the noise Darkrai makes, whimpering against his lips as he wraps his arms tightly around his neck. Cresselia likes the way his hair feels threaded through his fingers.]

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