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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] lullyay ]

[ On some unknown date to be later determined in greater detail; Cresselia sits at home. Not, of course, on Fullmoon Island, but his shared home with Darkrai on Awesome Island. He sits about, obviously flustered at something (as usual) as he looks around the room. Today was an important day, a special day.

...he wondered if Darkrai remembered.]

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[Cresselia whimpers, pushing his hips up against him. His body is reacting on it's own and he doesn't know how to hold back... so enjoy, Darkrai.]

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[ Darkrai rocks his hips down in a sharp motion, panting against Cresselia's neck while he smooths over the bite with his tongue. Enjoy? Better believe he will. ]

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H-Haa...ahh... [He whimpers again, pushing back against Darkrai's rocking.]

I-I feel...strange... [Was this normal? he felt...hard.]

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[ He holds them like that, pressing close, and kisses the edge of Cresselia's jaw. ]

'S... 'S fine...

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M-More? More... [Whatever this feeling was, he wanted to feel more of it...more of him.]

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[ Darkrai complies, grinding down with careful pressure and quietly murmuring in between kisses that gradually worked their way up to Cresselia's lips. ]

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[Cresselia clings desperately to Darkrai, panting until he's pulled into another kiss. This weird pressure that kept building made him cling closer and closer, arching his hips as the friction built and built... if he knew what 'close' was he'd definitely be exclaiming he was right now.]

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[ He knows better than to rush it if he wants to enjoy it, and continues at the same pace, gripping hold of the sheets until they're nearly ripping. ]

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I-I feel different... It's feeling different...

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That's how it's... supposed to feel.

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N-No it- [squirm!]

S-Something is...g-going to come out D-Darkrai...! [WORRY OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM]

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That's what's... supposed t'happen.

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[Cresselia tenses up, hips arching up quickly to push flush against Darkrai's. It doesn't take long until he's giving a whimper and pressing his knuckles to his lips, coming from the friction.]