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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] stone_undertone ] { bad egg!! }

[ It was...hard. Despite just meeting this Giratina, he trusted her. She has a motherly feeling that he could tell meant she wouldn't steal his egg and run.

...that didn't really deter him from following after her once she did take it though.

The feeling of wanting to watch his egg hatch was just too great. No matter what came out of that egg, he'd take care of it. ]

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...From where they are starts there.

Time ceases to flow. Light ceases to shine. The world becomes still and grey and cold. Where things once fell, they hang suspended. Where the wind once blew, the air dies. Only life persists in motion, and it is an eternal and miserable experience.

The effect of another Time Gear puts a stop to the darkness. But where there is no Time Gear - where another was broken - it continues on. And on, and on, another and another, until the world is consumed. It is called the Planet Cessation.

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Who...could live in a world like that?

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...I could not say. I rule death, not life, and that alone has the fortune of being...extinguished in such a world.

[She closes her eyes thoughtfully.]

And so our world lives on. Still young, and still troubled; and with little hope for the stability others have achieved.

But the time for regrets is long past. All I can do is continue to watch over these places, and slowly restore the balance needed.

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[Looking at our lap.] ...y'need or anything? [......tsun]

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Aah. This, I have been doing for millennia. You do not need to worry about anything.

...but I would not object to taking on an apprentice. It has been a long time since I trained my own son in these arts.

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...w-well I wouldn't mind. 'm no son though.

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Oh, I know. Cresselia is never one to be treated like a child, mm?

[but I would still give you headpats if my arms were not so stubby

there is no trolling in this grin, only love]

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W...What was your Cresselia like? [am i better]

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Her last name was Rose Moon. When the war raged, and the humans came close to perishing, she appeared to them and taught them the art of shipbuilding - and on the night of the full moon, she led them away. All away, across the vast sea.

[That's not quite true. It's been a long time, since then, and she has another name now - the Hunter who chases down the Traitor. not to mention, though.]

In Hidden Land, she is well respected - brave and wise, and known as one who cares for mortals. We who bear our powers to Pokemon owe much to her, for convincing the rest to put faith in our plan.

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... [He wishes he could meet her. She sounds so cool.

...unlike him. What would she think of him?]


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That is Rose Moon. Now, she took a name once called Little Light-of-Water - something of a folk hero, but! A trickster to the heart!

[chuckle...] was my idea, I must claim for pride's sake. I think you would get along well with that one.

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Mm. Light-of-Water is...was it a Wigglytuff? I dared her to stir up some stories for a particularly dull group of Pokemon, and she managed it with little but a sharp wit and a few good hiding places.

[/so proud]

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A Wigglytuff... [Like how you're a Tyranitar. Cool beans we get it.]

... ...that's really cool. [we couldn't do that )8]

I...I just give out feathers sometimes. [we feel very small]

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I have not heard of that before.


Tell us more.]

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Yeah, my feathers make sure you have good dreams, if you keep them nearby when you go to sleep.'s not much. [uguuu]

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Aah, but it is just the fitting sort of thing for a name of Cresselia, guardian of mortals!

[/hearts at]

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Hmm? What have I done?



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...n-nothing! Just...t-thanks! [TSUN...........we're leaning against you]

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[, you

I would put my paw over your shoulder but that might dislocate it :') ]

Aah. I hope your head is not hurting anymore.

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Yeah, 'm fine. Don't worry about it. [Petting eggy-poo. We must think nice thoughts so it doesn't claw it's way through our throat when we hatch it.]

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[oh, you. seems like a nice time for a nap, doesn't it?


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