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★☆ LOG [ [ profile] stone_undertone ] { bad egg!! }

[ It was...hard. Despite just meeting this Giratina, he trusted her. She has a motherly feeling that he could tell meant she wouldn't steal his egg and run.

...that didn't really deter him from following after her once she did take it though.

The feeling of wanting to watch his egg hatch was just too great. No matter what came out of that egg, he'd take care of it. ]

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[Maybe we'll take a nap too...snugsnug.]

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[/snore snore

...are those cracking noises from outside dreamland? oh-HO]

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...until it bites me I'm not waking up though. Shiiit...]

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[mmmuu mmmu mmmu no Giratina stop squirming in our arms and by our side as our pillow

...uh wait what]



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[say hello to your hellbaby and its teeth :) ]

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Shnnaaah! [CHOMP]


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[...zzzmmrfl?] What is it?


that is a hellbaby]

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[holding up our BEAUTIFUL BABY in your face]

He hatched, he hatched...!

Image Shnaaaaah!


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[....lmao oh god]

Aah!...he seems healthy...

[She leans forward slightly to sniff at the...Snubbull?]

isn't he hideous

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[Cressy looks so happy. He's so proud of his baby! Now that he's holding it under it's arms it seems less inclined to bite him, and just hangs there comfortably.

Pipipi. It stares at you, Giratina - can we try to bite your nose?]

He's perfect! [aside from the general look like he's swathed in shadow constantly, and those beady red eyes but technicalities!]
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[Giratina, too, is biased. It is hellspawn and therefore it is wonderful.

...ahaha, so cute :3 She pulls her nose away and chuckles, shaking it a bit.]

And stable enough to leave the dungeon, it seems.

[standing up...]

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You get to see Minz too. [Pipipi. Who is Minz mama can we eat them.] And... [u-uguu, he shuts up]

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[ :)

Alrighty, follow me through this one corridor here and...

...we're back at the entrance! Welcome back to Awesome Island proper.]

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[We hope Darkrai would like you... i-if he doesn't he's stupid and a dummy and

oh we're out. Snubby winces at the light, so Cressy shields him from the brunt of it with a hand.]

You okay...?


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How is it? All as normal as can be, I hope?

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He's fine. He's just never seen so much light before. Are you sleepy? Here, stay in my sleeve.

Shnaaahble! [Cressy let's him crawl into his big sleeve to hang out in.]

Do you remember being in there? That's where you stayed when you were an egg.

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[my god you are being adorable


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...Auntie! Got it? [Snubbull peeks it's head out from the sleeve to point at you too in agreement.]


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Hello, little one.

[fdslkfjksfansdhfasnh cute


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[It chatters eagerly, pretty much repeating 'auntie auntie auntie' over and over. Cressy looks pleased.]

Let's go home! you want to come too?